Digital Custodian Company Limited

Digital Custodian Company Limited

Pakistan’s first-ever Multi-Assets’ Servicing Company providing life-cycle management solutions for the
digitized financial and real assets.

DCCL is the pioneer in the digital issuance, management and book-entry transfers via the smart-ledgers for a variety of assets defined in the NBFC Rules, by providing trustee/custodial/registry/repository functions.
DCCL operates the first-ever blockchain-native capital market infrastructure in Pakistan using distributed-ledger capabilities on the concept of decentralized finance (DeFI) built on Ethereum platform for permissioned /private Blockchain using Golang language for back-end Chain-codes.

The Company has a Statutory Mandate to fulfill Fiduciary Responsibilities as an Independent Supervisor of Assets’ placed under its watch.

Being a licensed/ registered Custodian/Trust company, DCCL is bestowed with a statutory mandate for separately holding and accounting the clients/investors’ assets away from the control of the fund managers/issuers.
Bound to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities and commitments, under the Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) & the Securities Market regimens of the SECP, for always acting in the most diligent manner and the best interests of the beneficiaries.
Obligated to act as an independent supervisor for the security of the assets placed under its watch by the Investment Advisors, Debt Securities Issuers and Managers of the Specialized Funds/Discretionary Portfolios & Specially Managed Accounts.

DCCL is the only multi-assets registry/custodian entity with following unique characteristics:

The only stand-alone Trustee company of Pakistan.

The only company of the country having the Trustee licenses for the Specialized Funds & Debt Securities.

The only Trustee company also offering Digitized Shares Registry (Corporate Share Registrar) Services.